ID Rif: VI001289

Città Giardino


5 rooms5 bathrooms400.00 m²


Welcome to an extraordinary oasis of luxury and modernity in the charming heart of Padua’s historic center. Close your eyes and let our description take you on a sensory journey through this unique residence.
Picture yourself at the entrance of this Liberty-style villa, built in 1923, where history intertwines with the contemporary in a harmonious embrace. Crossing the threshold, you’ll immediately feel the enveloping atmosphere of a refined sanctuary, where every detail has been meticulously curated with passion and dedication.
The 45 expansive windows, like open doors to daylight, welcome the warmth of the sun, transforming the interior spaces into a dazzling embrace of natural light. The light colors and clean lines of the modern style surround you, creating a feeling of freshness and airiness that will make you feel in a special place.
The five spacious bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom, present themselves as elegant and comfortable retreats. Each room is designed to offer you maximum comfort and intimacy, creating a personal refuge for every member of your family or for the guests you’ll have the pleasure of welcoming.
The vast garden, with its serene beauty, becomes your private refuge. Here you can relax and immerse yourself in tranquility, surrounded by the beauty of nature embracing your home.
Just 20 minutes away, Venice stands as a charming destination, integrated into your daily life. The idea of being able to explore the enchanted streets of this dream city becomes a daily reality, without having to give up the modern comfort of your Paduan residence.
The city of Padua, with its historic Basilica of Saint Anthony, adds a touch of culture and spirituality to your daily life. The basilica, a symbol of devotion and majestic architecture, testifies to Padua’s importance as a university city, where knowledge and tradition blend into a unique combination.
The dependance with a garage in the garden, currently needing renovations, adds an exclusive touch, offering you a space dedicated to your guests or your personal passions. The strategic location, a stone’s throw from Prato della Valle, allows you to live every moment as an unforgettable experience.
This villa, a symbol of contemporary and prestigious lifestyle, is ready to welcome you in the heart of Padua. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this jewel that, just 60 minutes from Jesolo, offers you an escape to the “Miami of Venice,” enriching your life with Italian luxury and modern comfort. Contact us today and start your journey towards a unique and extraordinary real estate experience.

Key Features
Total in square meters400 m²
Number of rooms10
Number of bedrooms5
Number of bathrooms5
HeatingIndependent heating
FurnishedPartially Furnished
GardenPrivate 600 m²
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