The US giant Corcoran chooses Garda as its European base

Starting from the Verona area, the group aims to expand into Italy and the EU & quot; We plan to open branches in Verona, Venice and Cortina”

When Britney Spears put her penthouse in Florida up for sale for two million dollars last year, she entrusted herself to a franchise of the Corcoran group, leader in US Real Estate, also known and appreciated by the overseas star system, which has decided to start its expansion in Europe, starting from Benaco. The first affiliated company will in fact be a Garda company with 37 years of history, specialized in the segment of the sale of second homes to foreign customers.
This is Immobiliare Magri, which changes its name to Corcoran Magri Properties.
Manhattan and Veneto. The owners of the Veronese real estate, Maddalena Magri and Francesco Visentin, who will remain firmly at the helm of the society.

The Corcoran network, a primary player in the United States, has the most important volumes of business in Manhattan and New York, is in fact made up of owned offices and owned or independently managed franchise brokerage agencies. “The truth is that we sought each other out. About a year ago we started making contact with the parent company Anywhere, which owns Corcoran.
We were pushing for an affiliation capable of implementing the internationality of our structure, beyond the European borders. We already work mainly with German and English-speaking customers, i.e. with the British, Swedish and Dutch. We also wanted to hook up with the USA and to do so we had turned to various companies. The word had probably spread and we arrived at the result», Magri and Visentin state.

On the other hand, Corcoran, as evidenced by a note released by the president and CEO, Pamela Liebman, was looking for a link to penetrate the tourist buying and selling market in the Old Continent. «As we continue to grow our global presence and our network of affiliates, we enter the European market, especially in Italy», says Liebman, «The Magri team has always been proud to make every Lago customer’s dream come true. Their dedication to customer service is exactly what we look for when partnering with franchisees and aligns perfectly with Corcoran’s established culture and core values.”

The latter is a group that thus seeks to respond to the growing demand for the purchase of second homes in Italy by star-spangled customers, starting from the Veronese and Veneto regions. The Veronese agency will share brands, marketing strategies, training opportunities and contacts with the American network, expanding its presence in the region, as envisaged by the business plan that is taking shape and will involve hiring and opening new offices. «In October», announce the owners, «we plan to inaugurate a branch in Verona, then others in Venice, Cortina and along the Veneto Adriatic coast.

Until now, Americans who wanted to buy a house on the banks of the Adige or in the Veneto region had to do it alone. We try to respond organically to an organized request», Magri and Visentin specify, «starting to follow the customer remotely, in their own language and helping them find accommodation when they decide to come to Italy to visit the proposed properties», they say.
The expertise already gained with the German clientele will be put at the service of the new stars and stripes buyers. As usual, the Garda real estate company will issue a free annual scholarship to the latter, managed by the Mission Bambini Onlus Foundation, intended for the training of girls living in countries at risk of dropping out of school, with the hope that later customers will continue to support it.